A championship team isn’t built overnight. Ponca City is trying to build a winning program and has a core of young talent, along with Senior leadership to do just that. But for every step, there are painful missteps along the way, like Thursday night’s 42-14 loss in Sapulpa. The Wildcats offense took the ball right down the field on the opening series of the game with a mix of running and passing plays and QB Justin Andrews capped it off with a 25 yd td run. It appeared that the Wildcats would be able to score at will against the Chieftans who were looking for their first win of the season. Sapulpa would answer in just three plays with a 25 yd td run and then took a 14-7 lead on their next series when QB Elijah Williams scored from 5 yds out. The Wildcats offense was again able to move the ball right down the field but stalled at the 13. The Wildcats brought on kick Josh Fairbanks for a 30 yd fg try. The kick was pulled and no good and the Wildcats could never recover. Sapulpa would score on a long td pass and then intercept a Andrews pass to take a halftime lead of 21-7. In the 2nd half it was more of the same. Ponca City would move the ball with a combination of Andrews and DeFoor runs, along with completions to WR Dalton Vogele, but they could never get the ball into the end zone. The Chieftans would score on a variety of plays including a reverse to lethal receiver Gerquan Sanders and a interception returned for a TD. The Wildcats lone score in the 2nd half was on a perfectly thrown ball by Andrews to the back shoulder of Vogele. In the end, Sapulpa used the momentum of their home crowd and the pursuit of their first win to come out on top. The Wildcats playoff hopes are essentially dashed, but they have a very winnable contest coming up next Friday in Norman and a home game to finish off the season against Muskogee.