It’s August in Oklahoma, that means two-a-days are here.

Teams throughout the state hit the gridiron this morning to build on success or start paving their way to it.

For the Wildcats, they are putting in the work under new coach Scott Harmon with all intentions of success coming their way.

Scott Harmon is no stranger to success. He has been in the playoffs 13 of the 15 seasons he’s coached, including winning a 2004 state title at Pawnee. Now, he is laying the foundation of expected success in Ponca.

You wouldn’t expect to have a perfect practice on the first day, but Harmon was happy with what he saw from the kids.

“Not too bad, they’re learning. They’ve got to learn a new way to practice, a new offense, a new defense, they have five new coaches. We ask them to go fast, which means they will have to learn from their mistakes. Overall a good first practice.”

There is certainly a lot that is new, but on the first day of practice players found out there were three things always expected from them.

Intensity, hustle and tempo.

These were certainly three buzzwords during the first practice. You heard them said during the whole course of the morning, but they are more than just buzz words, they are principles.

These are things expected of the players at all moments. Whether it is running a play, running to get water or running from drill to drill; Intensity, hustle and tempo are never to be sacrificed.

There was no doubt after practice number one, these things were established by Coach Harmon and his staff.

He also expects him and his assistants to do the same. At one point Coach Harmon ran nearly 40 yards to go tell a safety good job on a pass breakup. It was one instance of many of a leader showing the intesity he wants his team to have every time they step on the field, in the weight room, or in the film room.

Also established after practice was Harmon’s love for the game and his team. As players made their way to their rides home, Harmon was there with a smile to say bye to each kid. A small gesture, but a powerful one for a coach after his first practice.

Two-a-days is the start of something special in the state of Oklahoma, and this year the start of the Scott Harmon era in Ponca. That just might be the start of something special too.