In probably the best quarter of play this year for the Ponca City men’s basketball team, they would take a 23-20 lead over #2 Carl Albert. The Wildcats couldn’t keep up the energy all game and in the end suffered a 107-50 loss. The Robson was rocking as Ponca City was breaking the Titans press, getting easy buckets and making things tough for the Titans on the offensive end. In the 2nd quarter though the extremely talented Mason Harrell started to take over. Harrell would live at the free throw line all night, going 20-20 as he finished with a career high 52 points. Foul trouble was too much to overcome for the Wildcats as Anthony Gazaway and Luke Seals had to sit much of the game. Chazz Shymanksi provided much of the offense though finishing with 15 points. Justin Thompson also shot the ball well scoring 13 points. As the game wore on, the turnovers started to mount up. The Wildcats finished with 21 TO’s. While the outcome wasn’t what he wanted, coach Keenan Curry was proud of his teams effort, especially in the 1st quarter. The Wildcats moved to 2-6 and will face off with #9 in 6A Sand Springs Friday.

Pictures courtesy of Larry Williams